Three Hospitals Three Weeks – patient experience at the James Paget Hospital

During the week 19th to 23rd June 2023 we visited the James Paget University Hospital every day to find out about patient experience. We wanted to find out what was working well and what could be better. We visited outpatient clinics, patients on wards, and Accident and Emergency to speak with patients, their carers, and their visitors. This also included a focus on Maternity services.

Most people we heard from were happy with their experience at the hospital. They said they were often able to find their way around the hospital and information about their care was explained to them clearly.

Across the hospital, staff were praised for being kind, helpful, and friendly, and some patients told us about staff who went above and beyond for them.

On inpatient wards people felt well communicated with and that they could easily contact someone if they had any questions. We also heard some specific suggestions for improving comfort on the wards such as reducing noise at night and making chairs and trolleys more comfortable. We spent some time in the new Concept Ward and learnt about suggestions to improve the ward for both patients and staff.

Letters received for outpatients’ clinics were often easy and clear to understand and included all the information that patients needed. Many patients felt that their care was explained to them well and they felt involved in decisions. The biggest frustration for outpatients was car parking including there not being enough space and the car park being too far from clinics for patients who have limited mobility.


Communication has been good. The letter came really quickly and was clear.

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