St Brannock’s Residential Home My Views Matter report

Part of Healthwatch Norfolk’s work programme is to carry out Enter and View visits to health and social care services, to see and hear how people experience care. The visits are carried out by our authorised representatives.

From September 2022 – April 2023, our Enter and View visits were part of a project called ‘My Views Matter’. This project was specifically focused on residential and in-patient care for people with learning disabilities and autistic people in Norfolk. We implemented it in response to the tragic events at Cawston Park, in which three residents with learning disabilities died between 2018 and 2020.

The visit to St Brannock’s in Mundesley happened on 24/04/2023 and was announced in advance, in order to minimise disruption to the residents. Around two hours were spent talking to residents and staff, and observing life in the home on that morning, and examining the building and its facilities. Two family members of residents were also chatted with. In total, we spoke to four of the five residents, and spoke to the manager.

Overall, all of the people we spoke to at St. Brannock’s told us that they were happy with the service, and that it listened to them well. They also seemed to be supported well to develop their independence skills. The relatives we spoke to were happy with the service under its current manager, too. The only recommendation we would make based on our visit, is that the installation of a downstairs walk-in shower could be considered.

I have got a bit of a voice with the manager, so that is good.

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