Queen Elizabeth Hospital Pharmacy feedback April 2023

In April 2023 we visited The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn to speak with patients about their experience with health and social care services. From this visit we received 11 reviews for the pharmacy with an average rating of 4.3 out of five. This visit is part of our larger targeted engagement programme exploring service user experiences with pharmacies across the whole of Norfolk. A report for this will be published later in 2023.

Overall, the biggest frustration for those we spoke to was the waiting time at the pharmacy. However, many were understanding of the reasons for this wait and they also told us they were kept informed about the current length of the wait. In addition to this, staff were praised by people we spoke to for being knowledgeable and helpful.

Healthwatch Norfolk was made to fell very welcome by the pharmacy staff and we observed staff taking time to explain to patients how to take their medication.

Our visit did coincide with a doctor’s strike and pharmacy staff felt this may lessen the numbers coming through to the pharmacy from outpatients.

You can read all the feedback we received by downloading the report,

There actually wasn't too bad a wait and it was quicker than they said it would be, but they need to be better at communicating.

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