Manor Farm Surgery feedback report

In August 2022 we visited Manor Farm Surgery in Swaffham to speak with patients about their experience with health and social care services. From this visit we received 12 reviews for the surgery. The reviews have an average star rating of 4.3 out of five.

Healthwatch Norfolk Officers who visited the practice noted:

  • The queue at the reception desk was slow moving with only one member of staff dealing with patient enquiries.
  • Overall, patients we spoke to were mainly happy with their general experience at the surgery and staff were praised.
  • Concerns were raised by several patients we spoke to about the lack of space in the car park. Healthwatch Norfolk raised this with the practice directly on the day of our visit and understand that they are restricted and unable to expand their car park to accommodate this.
  • Other concerns included difficulties getting appointments in particular with long waits on the phone.

They have looked after me well over the years, especially with things going on at the moment with COVID. I haven't had a lot of trouble booking appointments other than long waits. I find the receptionists very pleasant but you have to get past them to get an appointment.

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