Proposals for a Major Trauma Centre at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital October 2023

NHS England asked Healthwatch Norfolk to ask the public for their views on a proposal for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to become a Major Trauma Centre, which would provide 24/7 emergency access for care and treatment of severe and complex injuries.

We received 1304 pieces of feedback as well as speaking with a focus group of eight volunteers and interviewed four people.

Most respondents agreed with the proposal as long as it was properly resourced and funded, had infrastructure in place and does not impact on existing services.

We made a series of recommendations including developing the NNUH as a Major Trauma Centre, make sure steps are taken to mitigate any negative impacts, communicate with the public about the proposal, and ensure there is more support for loved ones being treated at the centre.

Should I or a family member ever need such a service, the chances of a better outcome would be significantly better with a local centre.

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