Hearing Loss and Deaf-Friendly Charter April 2022

Healthwatch Norfolk and the Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have compiled research that has demonstrated the need for changes to improve accessibility and consultations for patients who have hearing loss or are deaf. These changes would improve the patient experience of making and attending GP appointments. This Hearing Loss and Deaf Friendly Practice Charter suggests ways in which your GP practice can reduce variations in accessibility ensuring those affected by hearing loss are considered across all aspects of primary care activity, including making appointments, attending consultations, and receiving continued care.

The Hearing Loss and Deaf-Friendly Charter identifies seven areas that GP surgeries need to recognise and address to become a Hearing Loss and Deaf-Friendly Practice. These are:
1. Hearing Loss Awareness Training
2. Accessibility
3. Communication
4. Patient Records
5. Digital Technology
6. Mental Health
7. Covid-19

When thinking about accessibility for patients with hearing loss or who are deaf, it’s important to consider the needs of those that live in rural locations, who may not have access to their own transport, or may find public transport difficult to use.

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