Experiences in Norfolk residential care homes May 2023

Healthwatch Norfolk wanted to increase the amount of feedback it heard from people living in residential care. It visited 19 care homes during March and April 2024 to ask them about their experiences.

We received feedback from 134 people who lived in homes, 23 members of staff and 12 visitors.

The average rating across the care homes was 4.3 out of 5.

People told us about the importance of good meals, the need for lots of activities and the dedication of staff. Some were concerned about staff shortages, the challenges around dietary requirements, and the lack of space at some sites.

Many had also taken the time to personalise and decorate both communal and individual rooms.

This report is being shared with each individual home and Norfolk County Council.

We feel the next steps are for each site to establish or build on their continuous and proactive engagement with those living there as well as staff and familes.

Healthwatch Norfolk will also continue to make prioritising the support of residential care homes a priority.

I like all the activities. It was lovely to go to a school for afternoon tea, and then the pupils visited us. They talked about their hopes and aspirations which made me relive my youth!

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