Experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and November lockdown December 2020

The report combines feedback we have received about experiences during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak during Autumn 2020: experiences during lockdown, feedback from professionals, experiences of care home residents, and experiences of mental health services.

We asked people who had not used any services or additional support during the first lockdown to explain why they had not, the most common response was that they did not need additional support. Those that did need it most commonly asked for help with mental health.

Some people were confident about accessing support while other said they weren’t, with concerns including feeling isolated or being unable to talk to someone face-to-face.

Professionals working in health and social care told us new ways of working could mean being able to see more people but acknowledged that was not right for everyone.

Care homes felt they had seen better infection control and a greater bond among staff but it could also mean declining mental health, less visiting from relatives, and difficulty getting healthcare and health visits.


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