picture of the east harling surgery sign
picture of the east harling surgery sign

East Harling Surgery feedback November 2023

We were invited by the Clerk & Finance Officer of Harling Parish Council to visit East Harling Welcome Hub to speak with local residents about their experiences with local health and social care services. We visited the Welcome Hub in November and also visited East Harling Surgery. From these visits we received 26 reviews for East Harling Surgery, we also received a further five reviews through our website since the start of October 2023 and three reviews through the post which are included in this report. The reviews have an average star rating of 2.2 out of five.

Overall, people we heard from told us that staff at the surgery are kind and considerate, however we heard concerns about many staff leaving the surgery and the impact this was having on patient care. We heard about difficulties accessing services including booking appointments and issues and delays with prescriptions. Some patients told us that this put them off seeking help when they needed it or that they were considering leaving the village.

I have been very ill this year. The worst part has been contacting this surgery. I have spent hours of my life trying to get an appointment. When I am here, the doctors and nurses are all lovely.

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