picture of the east harling surgery sign
picture of the east harling surgery sign

East Harling and Kenninghall Surgery Feedback Report February 2024

In February 2024, Healthwatch Norfolk visited the East Harling Welcome Hub and Banham Community Cafe to talk to patients about their experiences at East Harling and Kenninghall Surgery. We received 12 reviews for East Harling Surgery with an average star rating of 1.8 out of five, and nine for Kenninghall Surgery with an average rating of 2.8 out of five.

While some people told us about good experiences when they were seen, we also heard about frustrations getting appointments, a shortage of staff and reliance on locum doctors, and difficulties getting both prescriptions signed and accessing home visits.

You can find our full findings by downloading the report.


It's so sad, you just don't see the doctors anymore. It didn't used to be like this. There's no one-to-one care now.

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