Covid-19 Survey 3 May 14-27 2020

We have been working with Norfolk health and social care organisations to look into residents' experiences of accessing information and support during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in the UK.

In comparison to previous weeks, there was a slight shift in demographic of respondents, both in terms of age and location. There was a high proportion of responses from Norwich City Council residents, along with more responses from those aged 36 to 55. This may be because of the survey being promoted by Aviva to its Norwich staff, hence capturing more responses from those of working age.
Key findings included people saying they would prefer to get Covid-19 information via email, a need for more clarity around Government recommendations, members of the deaf community struggling to get information and appointments, and positive experiences at GPs, hospitals and pharmacies.


Very good - everything I wanted, got me through the weekend and saved me running about in the heat. But I didn't get a shielding letter or anything advice on what to do, only heard about the council food parcels when queuing at the supermarket.

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In the past it was very good but now we find it nearly impossible to see a clinician....