Covid-19 survey two April 30 to May 13 2020

We have been working with Norfolk health and social care organisations to look into residents' experiences of accessing information and support during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in the UK. This report contains the findings of the survey during the second two week period of it running, from 30th April to 13th May 2020. During this time period there were 87 completed responses, in comparison to 320 full responses from the first two week period.

The key findings included:

Key information about Covid-19 support was not always clear.

There was confusion about groups classed as ‘at risk.’

Mental health and home care were the most difficult types of appointment to access.

The most positive experiences around appointments were with GP surgeries and pharmacies.


The person I care for is in the 'extremely vulnerable 'group - being 90 yrs & with heart condition & severe asthma - but never got a letter stating what she should & shouldn't do!

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