Care Quality Commission (CQC) Engagement Summary Report July 2023

We were asked by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to gather feedback from people who are homeless or have no fixed abode about their experiences of health and social care. In total, we spoke to 32 people and received 48 different experiences. Around 27 per cent of the feedback could not be used as people either could not name the service they had used, or did not wish to name it. Healthwatch Norfolk worked with two different organisations (Sanctuary Supported Living and The Salvation Army) to gather feedback and visited five different sites across Norfolk – two in Norwich and one each in Dereham, Costessey and Cromer. One person also contacted us independently with their feedback.

Overall, most experiences of using a service were rated as good (32, 70%). Many people commented that services were quick and that staff were good and kind. Some people specifically mentioned how staff had helped them, for example, one person told us how staff at their GP practice helped to calm their nerves when having a blood test, whilst another mentioned that hospital staff helped them to find a shelter to stay in whilst they healed.

Only three experiences of using a service were rated as bad (6%). One person commented that they felt like they got a ‘grilling’ when they went to A&E which made them feel like a burden. Of people who rated their experience as bad, none had told the service about this.

The majority of participants told us they found it easy to access services, although it should be noted that most of these positive experiences related to GP practices, hospitals and ambulances. We received 36 (76%) pieces of feedback saying that services were easy to access, for example, some people told us they found it easy to register at their GP practice and book appointments and that staff are helpful.

We also asked people whether they have ever provided feedback on health and social care services. Most people told us they have never provided feedback on health and social care services, with only nine people (28%) saying they have. Most participants said they have never been asked to provide feedback.

You can read the full report, along with the formal response from the CQC, by downloading it.

Overall, the findings from this engagement suggest that most people have had a good experience of health and social care services and have found services easy to access, but there are difficulties accessing NHS dentists and mental health services.

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