Annual Report 2022-23

This report outlines the work completed by Healthwatch Norfolk during the 2022-23 financial year. We heard from thousands of people across the county about their health and social care experiences, and this helped shape our work and priorities.

A total of 2656 people shared their experiences of health and social care with us, and 471 people came to us for advice and information.

We also published 56 reports on different aspects of health and social care, with the most popular focusing on people’s experiences at their GP practices.

Other work during the year included:

  • Looking at digital health support for patients.
  • Highlighting the need for improved translation support in GP practices and hospitals.
  • Identifying ways people can be supported to avoid serious illness.
  • Suggested improvements to a pilot of the Waiting Well programme which helps people waiting for orthopaedic treatment.
  • Explained the Norwich Walk-In Centre contract renewal process and ensured the consultation information was as accessible as possible.
  • Carried out a detailed survey of the free NHS Health Check service for 40-74 year-olds and suggested improvements
  • Compiled evidence for the Government’s Health and Social Care Select Committee around the difficulties of getting NHS non-emergency dental care in Norfolk.
  • Visited a number of residential settings for people with learning disabilities and/or autism to chat to those living there, their loved ones and staff.

You can find out more and download the full report to your right.


Norfolk County Council is very clear that our role is to hold the health and social care system to account on behalf of all of you. We will do that with the help of your stories and experiences which give us vital data on everything from dentistry and mental health care to appointment delays and technology problems. Thank you for sharing your experiences which are vital to our work.

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