Healthwatch Norfolk helps local people to improve the services they are getting now and influence what services look like in the future. This pages sets out our priorities and strategy for 2022-2025.

Our vision is to help shape a health and social care system where people’s health and social care needs are heard, understood and met.

In order to address these, we will:

Listen and engage with people, especially the most vulnerable.

Influence those with the power to change services so they better meet people’s needs now, and in the future.

Inform local people to help them get the most from their health and social care services.

While we are a statutory body, we work for the residents of Norfolk and we are inclusive, influential, independent, credible and collaborative. We welcome the funding we get from the Department of Health via Norfolk County Council as well as additional funding from Public Health.

To be increasingly more effective, we also seek additional funding to undertake commissioned work which contributes towards the sider health and social care agenda and provides our partners with credible and reliable information to help them define service provision.

Our strategy for 2022-2025 has been produced and lists our key priorities. We aim to continue with our work to keep the public voice at the heart of our activities.

You can read our strategy in full here: 2022-2025 Healthwatch Norfolk Strategy

We have also distilled our strategy down into a Plan On A Page which you can see below, and read about in more detail in the strategy above.