UEA survey tackles taboo subject

What if we felt we were more prepared to face serious illness?

How do you rate your knowledge to make informed choices about end-of-life care options for you and your family?

There are things we often do not think about until we have to confront them within our own lives.

University of East Anglia researchers are examining our knowledge of the processes, knowledge and help available when a loved one passes away, known as Death Literacy.

They want to use people’s experiences and knowledge to help improve support for people living with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness.

It will also increase knowledge about ageing, grief and bereavement, and long-term care support in the community.

People in Norfolk, are being asked to complete a short online survey to share their knowledge and experiences.

Take part in the survey here.

The results will help identify where there are gaps in knowledge which can be fed back to the health and care sector to see where improvements can be made, as well as to the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research which commissioned the project.

Each person completing the survey will receive their own personalised score which rates their knowledge around end-of-life care and support, as well as links to further information.

You can see more in the video below


You can download participant information below

Death Literacy survey participant information