New campaign says everyone has the right to better care

People across Norfolk and beyond are being encouraged to share their experiences of health and social care as part of a national campaign.

Share For Better Care will see Healthwatch Norfolk and their colleagues across the country encourage people of all ages, communities, and backgrounds to give feedback.

Last year, Healthwatch Norfolk received over 2500 pieces of feedback, and the national Healthwatch network got nearly 40,000.

Alex Stewart, chief executive of Healthwatch Norfolk, said: “When services are under pressure, feedback on care can be crucial to identify what is working and what issues need fixing. Unfortunately, not everyone’s voice is being heard and this Share For Better Care national campaign aims to help more people give feedback about their care.”

Already, the Norfolk team are reaching out to some new communities visiting foodbanks to talk confidentially to those using them about their experiences.

Caroline Williams, Healthwatch Norfolk’s head of engagement, said: “This is giving us further insight into the situations and challenges of people we may not normally speak too. We are also developing plans to find out more about what the county’s younger residents feel about care, working to get even more feedback from those receiving social care, and strengthening links between young people in West Norfolk and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. This is alongside our ongoing programme of work talking to people in our many communities which will continue.”

The organisation, which gathers the views of people, then passes that feedback on to health and care leaders to help improve services.

Alex Stewart explained: “The simple act of sharing feedback can help to improve care. We want people to know that their feedback, however small, can have the power to transform health and social care. That difference can only be made if we know about your experience.

“We are also completely independent and impartial, and anything you say will be confidential.”

There are many ways you can share your feedback with Healthwatch Norfolk. You can do it by:

Leaving your feedback online here

You can call Healthwatch Norfolk on 0808 168 9669

Or you can chat to the team face-to-face in the community. Their latest diary can be found here.