aerial photo of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
aerial photo of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

New digital appointment system at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

A new digital system has been launched at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to help patients request outpatient follow-up appointments.

Known as DrDoctor, it means people can log in and get their appointment messages sent via text, email or letter.

This will not apply to patents who need an essential follow-up appointment.

The hospital says the new system, which is used by around 30 other NHS trusts, will give patients flexibility when selecting a future appointment.

Dr Ed Prosser-Snelling, NNUH Chief Clinical Information Officer, said: “We are delighted to be launching this new digital platform, which makes it easier for patients to request an outpatient follow-up when they need one. It is an additional tool for our hospital departments to manage follow-ups.

“In time this will open the door for patients to have much more control over the management of their own health.  We can use structured questionnaires to make sure that doctors and patients can work together to make sure that decisions can be shared.”

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