Mortality records at mental health trust

Mortality records at the mental health trust which looks after patients in Norfolk have been in the spotlight.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation NHS Trust published the results of its mortality review, which tracks deaths of patients under its care.

Meanwhile mental health campaigners have published their own report in response highlighting their own concerns.

You can download both reports at the bottom of this page.

Healthwatch Norfolk’s response

Alex Stewart, chief executive of Healthwatch Norfolk, said:

Image of Healthwatch Norfolk Chief Executive, Alex Stewart with light blue background

Following recent coverage and concern around the publication of mortality figures by the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT), Healthwatch Norfolk is pledging to continue to work hard to improve the care given to patients in the county.

We are very aware improvements are needed within the trust and we continue to work with them on behalf of patients to ensure those positive changes continue to be implemented.

Our team are in the midst of a three-year project focused on community mental health care and have already made recommendations including ensuring greater involvement from carers and making sure those with serious mental health issues can help design care.

Healthwatch are working with both the Trust and some carers to build on work that we have undertaken with a number of statutory and non-statutory organisations to try and ensure that the carer’s voice is always listened to and acted upon.

We also continue to work closely on a long-term basis with patients and NSFT on improvements and remain incredibly grateful to those people who share their experiences and work with us to ensure the pathway to improved mental health care in Norfolk continues in the right direction.

You can download the NSFT report by clicking here

Meanwhile you can download the report by mental health campaigners by clicking here.

UPDATE August 30, 2023

A BBC News investigation found there were a number of edits made to a report into the management of mortality figures at NSFT before it was published.

Campaigners say these changes are blame deflection and water down the report as it removed words like inadequate, poor and weak.

NSFT and the report authors Grant Thornton say the changes were made to ensure the report was factually accurate.

You can read the official statement released by the campaigners in conjunction with the BBC report by clicking here.