EH nurse wins ‘Health Professional of the Year’ award

Inspirational QEH nurse Tincy Jose, who uses her personal experience of battling Parkinson’s disease to benefit patients, has been named ‘Health Professional of the Year’.

Tincy, a junior sister in the hospital’s Acute Medical Unit (AMU), attended the celebratory Local Hero Awards ceremony at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange where she was surprised to have won her award.

She was recognised in the annual awards run by Your Local Paper as a nursing hero because of her caring nature, commitment and dedication to improving the experience of patients who live with Parkinson’s and for her incredible determination.

The judges heard first-hand how the 49-year-old took strength in seeing her diagnosis as having a purpose and has since been committed to helping educate others though her own experience.

Tincy tirelessly raises awareness of the importance of receiving timely medication on time, every time. Medication for Parkinson’s control the symptoms and if there is a delay in giving it, the symptoms will reappear. If this delay is more than 30 minutes, it can affect the patient’s ability to walk and talk.

Tincy said: “I was so shocked to win this award. I love what I do and I am so proud to have won. It means so much to me and is really important in raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease and living with and working with the disease.”

QEH Chief Nurse Pippa Street said: “We are beyond proud to have Tincy here as part of our team. My personal thanks go to Tincy for all she has done and continues to do for our patients and their families.”

Tincy started her nursing career in India and re-located to the UK in 2008 joining the NHS in 2014.

In October, mother of two Tincy was awarded the ‘Best Nurse of the Year’ title by Malayalam UK for her exceptional dedication and service. She is also a member of the NHS Professionals’ Living and Working with Parkinson’s group, and has recently won, with her colleagues, the HSJ’s (Health Service Journal) Patient Involvement in Safety Award in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Excellence Network.

Tincy also represented the Parkinson’s community at a ministerial meeting held at Westminster earlier this year, where she spoke with MPs about her important work to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease.