With the cost of living rising, many people across the UK face a difficult winter. Healthwatch Norfolk highlights available local support and appropriate services to protect the wellbeing and health of Norfolk residents. We have created this cost of living support page to help those affected by the cost of living crisis access help and support.

YouGov poll commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians suggested that:

Over half of the people in Britain thought their health had worsened due to the cost of living increases. Many indicated that it was down to increased heating costs, the rising cost of food and transport costs rising.  16% of those surveyed who said they were impacted by the rising cost of living had been told by a doctor or health professional in the last year that stress caused by rising living costs had worsened their health. 

Many of us, especially those most vulnerable, will feel the strain this winter. Speak with your GP if you feel that your physical or mental health is being affected by financial stress. Alternatively, the Healthwatch Norfolk Phoneline is open Monday to Friday: 10am – 4pm. You can reach us on 0808 168 9669.

For more information about local support services in your area, please head to our information and advice page.

For more information on cost of living support, visit Norfolk County Council’s website.