Community Diagnostic Centre at James Paget University Hospital

A new Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) is planned for East Norfolk and we are keen to hear your views about the idea.

It will be split across two sites – one at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston and one at the Northgate Hospital in Great Yarmouth.

A range of tests will be carried out at each site.

What is a Community Diagnostic Centre?

They were unveiled by the Government as a way for people to have procedures and blood tests done in a more convenient location closer to home without  having to go to hospital.

The James Paget site will have  equipment including a CT scanner, MRI, ultrasound and C-ray. At Northgate, there will be a CT scanner.

Officials believe this will speed up the process of getting treatment.

It also aims to reduce the risk of tests being cancelled in a hospital if there are a lot of emergency cases.

Have your say

Healthwatch Norfolk is working with the hospital to find out your views.

You can share do so via the survey below

Or you can call us on 0808 168 9669 (lines are open 10am to 4pm) and we can fill in the survey for you.

We want to hear your views on various aspects of the project including:

  • The locations of the centres and the importance of transport links
  • The times and days of appointments
  • The types of facilities and tests it could offer
  • Any concerns people will have about the idea of a CDC

We will also be talking to groups of volunteers at the James Paget University Hospital to get their views.

The Healthwatch Norfolk team will also visit a number of different communities so they can hear their ideas too.

All the feedback will then be analysed and a report published with the key findings helping to shape the centres.