One of our first Enter and View projects since lockdown ended is My Views Matter.

We are visiting around 20 residential care sites across Norfolk specifically for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Our team will chat to residents, their loved ones, and staff to find out about any issues and concerns, before publishing a report outlining our key findings.

We decided to investigate this following a series of incidents at the now-closed Cawston Park hospital.

Residents and their families will be asked about:

Before a visit, we send through an information pack for residents, staff and their families which explains more about the project and the kind of things we might ask about. They also know in advance that we are coming.

Members of the Healthwatch Norfolk team will then come along and chat with residents to hear about their experiences. It is very relaxed. This is not an inspection. We just want to hear about what they like about their care and anything they want to change.

We will also talk to the staff to hear and understand their feedback too. Sometimes we also talk to families and carers too to get their perspective on the care.

After each visit, we write a short report which runs through what we found. This will be published on our website and will be available for everyone to read.

We will also publish a full report analysing everything we found which will be published in mid-2023.