Text on image reads: Enter and View visits.
The image is of a smiling woman wearing a Healthwatch lanyard.

Every Healthwatch has the statutory right to carry out Enter and View Visits. This is where trained ‘authorised representatives’* visit premises where healthcare (adults and children) and social care (adults only) is provided.


During the visit we observe the nature and quality of the services and aim to collect views directly from service users, their family and carers. These visits can be announced or unannounced.

The findings help us to monitor and challenge health and social care services. Following the visits, we can make recommendations to the people who run the services so they can make improvements.

*’Authorised representatives’ are Healthwatch Norfolk staff or volunteers who are trained in E+V Visits.

Our volunteers who are trained to make the visits are:

Helen Jackson, Penny Sutton, and Brigit Chisholm.

Staff who are trained to make ‘enter and view’ visits are:

Judith Bell, Dan Norgrove, John Spall.

After visiting we put together a report of our findings. You can view our Enter and View Reports here.