Healthwatch Norfolk are currently undertaking a priority project focussed around Autistic Spectrum
Disorder (ASD) services. We are looking to gather a greater understanding of people’s experiences of local ASD services across Norfolk. We know that ASD can affect many individuals and families, which can often define what services both them and their child may need and come into contact with. We know that having access to the right help and support at the right time can really make a difference
to families. There are many families across Norfolk accessing services in relation to ASD, therefore our primary focus is to understand families’ experiences.

We are interested in hearing the views of parents and carers of children/young people (0-18 years old) with ASD or suspected ASD in Norfolk. We want to understand parents and carers experiences of three areas:

1) Their experiences of accessing any health and social care services across Norfolk
(e.g. GP practices and/ or children’s services).

2) Their experiences of accessing ASD specific services:

For those who feel their child may have ASD and may need support.

For those currently accessing ASD diagnosis services and assessments are

For those who have accessed ASD diagnosis services in Norfolk and received
an outcome.

3) Their experiences of accessing post diagnostic support and what support they
feel they need.

From now until February 2018 we will be looking to engage with parents and carers through a variety of methods to capture their experiences of what has worked well and what has not worked so well. We would like to welcome any parents and carers who would like to be involved in this work to contact us. If you have any questions or just want to understand more about what’s involved, please contact Steph Tuvey on 0808 168 9669 or by emailing [email protected]